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Market Direct Capital™ originates, processes, and closes business or investment purpose commercial real estate secured senior position conventional commercial mortgage loans, private hard money bridge and term loans, and SBA 7(a) and CDC/504 loans on behalf of our bank, private equity fund, and family office lending partners. We provide short term and long term commercial real estate financing nationwide (where allowed by law) to good credit and bad credit real estate investors and business borrowers. We offer full documentation, lite documentation, stated income, and hybrid documentation loan programs to fit the needs of a wide range of commercial real estate borrowers, and can close certain types of transactions in as little as 2 weeks.

Conventional Mortgage Loans

Borrow from $250,000 to $25,000,000 for the acquisition, construction, or refinancing of income producing rental residential or commercial investment properties or business use commercial or industrial properties, with industry low interest rates and up to a 25 year amortization.

Private Hard Money Loans

Borrow from $500,000 to $75,000,000 for the acquisition, construction, fix and flip, renovation, repositioning, refinancing, or stabilization of business use or investment real estate, with interest only payment terms of 12 to 36 months, or an amortization of up to 30 years.

SBA 7(a)/CDC 504 Loans

Borrow from $250,000 to $15,000,000 for the acquisition, construction, refinancing, or renovation of business owner occupied commercial or industrial real estate with an amortization of up to 25 years, leverage of up to 95%, great rates, and more lenient underwriting than a conventional loan.

Acceptable Real Estate Collateral
Investment And Business Use Properties

We Offer Commercial Real Estate Financing (Where Allowed By Law) Secured By The Following Investment And/Or Business Occupied Properties.

Apartment Buildings
Assisted Living Facilities
Auto Body Shops
Auto Dealerships
Automotive Repair Shops
Bowling Alleys
Building Lots
Car Washes
Condotels (Condo Hotels)
Convenience Stores
Executive Suites
Funeral Homes
Gas Stations
Hotels and Motels
Industrial Properties
Manufactured Homes
Manufacturing Buildings
Medical Offices
Mixed Use Properties
Mobile Home Parks
Modular Homes
Multifamily Properties
Office Building
Office Condominiums
Retail Properties
Row Homes
Self Storage Facilities
Single Family Homes
Strip Malls
Warehouse Buildings

Commercial Real Estate Mortgage Bridge Loans
Acceptable Use Of Funds

Our commercial real estate mortgage loans are available for just about any legitimate business or investment purpose including business or investment real estate acquisitions, partner buy-outs, construction, debt consolidation, distressed work-outs, entitlements, foreclosure bailouts, judgements, payables, refinancing, renovations, repositioning, soft costs, stabilization, tax liens, working capital, and more!

Acquisition Loans

Borrow for the acquisition of business use commercial or industrial real estate, or investment commercial and residential rental income properties.

Consolidation Loans

Get a short term bridge loan or term loan to consolidate existing business use or investment related real estate financing debt into one singular loan.

Construction Loans

Borrow for the ground up construction of business use commercial properties, as well as for investment residential, multifamily and mixed use property.

Renovation & Fix/Flip Loans

Borrow to renovate business use or investment property and/or to fix and flip residential or commercial investment property.

Refi/Cash-Out Loans

Refinance existing business or real estate investment debt that is maturing or in default, and/or cash-out on some of your equity.

Workouts & Repositioning

Get a short term bridge loan to work out distressed situations and reposition or stabilize business use or investment properties.

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Nationwide Lending
Acceptable Geographic Areas

We Offer Commercial Real Estate Financing (Where Allowed By Law) In The Following US States.

Alabama (AL)
Alaska (AK)
Arizona (AZ)
Arkansas (AR)
Colorado (CO)
Connecticut (CT)
Delaware (DE)
Dis. Of Columbia (DC)
Florida (FL)
Georgia (GA)
Idaho (ID)
Indiana (IN)
Iowa (IA)
Kansas (KS)
Kentucky (KY)
Louisiana (LA)
Maine (ME)
Maryland (MD)
Massachusetts (MA)
Michigan (MI)
Minnesota (MN)
Mississippi (MS)
Missouri (MO)
Montana (MT)
Nevada (NV)
New Hampshire (NH)
New Jersey (NJ)
New Mexico (NM)
New York (NY)
North Carolina (NC)
Ohio (OH)
Oklahoma (OK)
Oregon (OR)
Pennsylvania (PA)
Rhode Island (RI)
South Carolina (SC)

*Disclaimer: Market Direct Capital LLC (MDC) evaluates and entertains commercial financing opportunities on behalf of ourselves and/or our investors, lenders, backers and partners. Loans are only available where allowed by law. All loan requests are subject to our acceptance and approval in our sole discretion. Available programs and criteria are subject to change or be discontinued at any time without notice. There is no guarantee that your loan request will be accepted for evaluation, and if accepted for evaluation, there is no guarantee that it will be approved or will close.

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